To all:

The current COVID-19 Virus has taken a toll on America. And true to the American spirit, we will adapt and overcome… in every respect. 

To that end, the American (CARES Act), in trying to fiscally protect Americans has incorporated provisions tax deductibility of donations to charities.

  • For those who do not itemize. 
    • Currently 95% of filers will take the standard deduction of $12K ($24K for married), will not be able itemize and therefore cannot take charitable deductions. 
    • Under the CARES Act, they can now take up to a $300 contribution to charity for CY2020.
  • For those who itemize
    • Currently a filer(s) that has in excess of ~$12K in deductions or $24K (if married) may itemize and take charitable deductions of not more than 60% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI);
    • Under the CARES Act this cap has now been raised to 100% of AGI. 
  • Corporations, which were previously capped at 10% for charitable donations, are now capped at 25%.

        Please take advantage of this unique opportunity provided by the CARES Act and donate to IJAA.   

        I invite you to the below link.

The CARES Act Increases Donation Tax Deductibility

75th Photos

Thank you for your support of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima Gala Event. The dinner, music, history and most importantly — our vets — made this year’s event perfect. See photos here.

Welcome to the new Iwo Jima Association of America website.


The Iwo Jima Association of America (IJAA) is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the history of the Battle of Iwo Jima for future generations. Annually IJAA sponsors two educational and historical symposiums, in the Washington, DC locale and on the island of Guam. The symposium on Guam includes the “Reunion of Honor” memorial service on Iwo Jima, jointly held with the Iwo Jima Association of Japan (IJAJ). The primary purpose of these symposia is to honor those veterans on both sides who sacrificed so much, to and educate the younger generations on the history of the battle in particular, and World War II in general.