Iwo Jima Association of America Supporters

Military Historical Tours [ https://www.miltours.com ]

MHT provides IJAA support with all travel services to Iwo Jima and Guam as part of the Gala Banquet.

Young Marines [ https://youngmarines.com ]

Young Marines provide color guard and escorts for IJAA events and also provide support on Guam.

Radio King Orchestra [ https://www.rkoswing.com ]

The Radio King Orchestra has volunteered and will be providing all music and entertainment for the 2020 Gala and Banquet. We can’t thank them enough for their dedication to IJAA in the last 10 years.

29 Diner [ http://29diner.com ]

With phenomenal gratis support from John Wood and his team from 29 Diner, IJAA is feeding all of the veterans with top-notch dining.

American Airlines [ http://www.aa.com ]

AA has donated flights for all veterans to attend the IJAA events in Arlington, VA.

United Airlines [ http://www.united.com ]

United is the airline taking our veterans back to Iwo Jima.

Squidix Web Hosting [ http://www.squidix.com ]

Squidix Web Hosting has provided high-quality web hosting for the IJAA and the Iwo Jima Honor Wall and will be providing onsite support at the gala.