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Flag Raising Momento w/ black sand vial

Flag Raising Momento w/ black sand vial $25.00

Solid Pewter momento depicting the second flag raising on Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

3 1/8" wide by 3 3/4" tall.

Iwo Jima Shirt

Iwo Jima Shirt $40.00

Golf Polo polyester blend with Iwo Jima & the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon & 1945 on the sleeve!

Male Sizes
Female Sizes

Iwo Jima hat

Iwo Jima hat $15.00

Quality cotton ball cap with the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Ribbon & 1945 on the back!

Iwo Jima Coins

Iwo Jima Coins $10.00

 The IJAA challenge coin is the one to have, particularly if you are an IJAA member. If you are going to have a challenge coin and you don’t have the one from the most challenging battle of all. Without this coin your WWII collection is deficient. Prove your IJAA membership when challenged or prove you know where “Uncommon valor was a common virtue” with an Iwo Jima Challenge Coin.

Iwo Jima Gift Box

Iwo Jima Gift Box $25.00

What any collector of military history must have a presentation box that contains the iconic flag raising and a vial of the volcanic “Black Sands” from the invasion beach.

Iwo Jima: From Combat To Comrades (DVD)

Iwo Jima: From Combat To Comrades (DVD) $25.00

Hosted and narrated by Ryan Phillippe, surviving veterans of both the American and Japanese army discuss the battle and the program ends with a reunion on the island.

Entertaining The Troops (DVD)

Entertaining The Troops (DVD) $20.00

A nostalgic salute to stars who brought music and laughter to the troops in WWII, featuring Bob Hope and many others.

In this 90-minute documentary, filmmaker Robert Mugge pays tribute to hundreds of American performers who assisted the military in World War II. Included are rare period performances by the likes of Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, Dorothy Lamour, Frances Langford, the Andrews Sisters, Danny Kaye, Lena Horne, and Mel Blanc, as well as a 1988 reunion of Bob Hope's WWII troupe of performers.

Vietnam: The US Government Collection (DVD)

Vietnam: The US Government Collection (DVD) $25.00

9 volume box set; essential viewing for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of the conflict in Vietnam

Much of the film footage is from US Government Archives. Includes a speech by President Lyndon Johnson plus a documentary featuring John Wayne in an effort to unite Americans in the war effort. Includes original footage of marine landings, air operations, artillery-gun fire, and humanitarian roles by the U.S. Military.

Theater Of War: The Pacific Campaign (DVD)

Theater Of War: The Pacific Campaign (DVD) $13.00

Six episode series devoted to the history of the Pacific Theater of World War II.

Starting with the tensions in the Pacific that led to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor through the epic battle of Midway and the Atomic Bombing of Japan.

World War I: The War To End All Wars (DVD)

World War I: The War To End All Wars (DVD) $17.00

Fascinating documentary on the first World War

Documentary film uses original footage from the War and pre-War era, to explain how the actions of assassin Gavrilo Princip set into action events that soon catapulted the world, into a conflict now known as The War To End All Wars. The Three Part series covers all aspects of the War and informs the viewer of the complicated alliances causing total war to erupt.

Classic U.S. Aircraft Of WWII - P51 Mustang (DVD)

Classic U.S. Aircraft Of WWII - P51 Mustang (DVD) $8.00

The Classic US Combat Aircraft of WWII series tells the story, through a series of classic war planes, of the development of the combat aircraft of the 2nd World War. This is the 3rd in the series.

Classic U.S. Combat: B-17 Flying Fortress (DVD)

Classic U.S. Combat: B-17 Flying Fortress (DVD) $8.00

The story of the the War Winning heavy bomber

The story, through a series of classic war planes, of the development of the combat aircraft of the Second World War,produced to beat the capabilities of an existing enemy or a potential aggressor. The B-17 FLYING FORTRESS met a US Army Air Corps requirement for a multi-engined bomber to protect the USA from sea attacks. From 1935, it revealed excellent capability as a long-range heavy bomber.

Classic Us Combat Aircraft Of WWII P-47 (DVD)

Classic Us Combat Aircraft Of WWII P-47 (DVD) $8.00

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, first flown in May 1941, and powered by a single radial engine, had a range 200 miles greater than that of the P-38. This was a mighty warplane with 8 Browning machine guns in the wings. It became the medium range fighter to provide the relay of bomber escorts over Europe. In fact, a US Thunderbolt squadron became the highest scoring unit in Europe.

Classic Us Combat Aircraft Of WWII P-38 (DVD)

Classic Us Combat Aircraft Of WWII P-38 (DVD) $8.00

Classic U.S. Combat Aircraft of WWII is a unique program series tracing the development of the most important US Fighters and Bombers of World War II. The first program is dedicated to the P38 Lightning, the fork-tailed Devil. This and subsequent programs will demonstrate how these important aircraft were vital to the war effort in both the fighter and bomber arenas of the war.

Harrier (DVD)

Harrier (DVD) $8.00

This DVD tells the story of this revolutionary fighter from the experiments with the "Flying Bedstead," Short SCI, and P.1127 Kestrel to today's worldwide deployment of GR.Mk3s with the RAF. Also featured are the FRS.1s with the royal Navy and Indian Navy, AV-8Bs with the U.S. Marine Corps, and AV-8A Matadors with the Spanish armed forces. In addition to film of the Harrier during its combat initiation in the Falklands campaign, there are extraordinary scenes of weapon delivery.

On Eagles' Wings: The American Airforce In WWII In Color (DVD)

On Eagles' Wings: The American Airforce In WWII In Color (DVD) $15.00

December 1941: The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor bringing the USA into WWII. Many young Americans are drafted into the Army Air Force and sent to England. Their mission: To destroy the industrial machine that supplies Hitler's forces preparing the way for the liberation of Europe. Using memoirs and diaries, we chronicle the experiences of ordinary young men who risked extraordinary danger.

Trench Warfare (DVD)

Trench Warfare (DVD) $15.00

Even a century on the terrible memories of the war in the trenches are still so vivid that they have been burned into the collective consciousness of the public. The film includes footage from both sides of the conflict & details the weapons and resources available to the troops. It graphically illustrates the grim reality of the life they had to endure whilst living and fighting in the trenches.

Gas! Gas! Quick Boys! (DVD)

Gas! Gas! Quick Boys! (DVD) $15.00

This powerful documentary explains how technology led to a weapon of such nauseating inhumanity used extensively in WWl.

When Wilfred Owen wrote his chilling poem 'Dulce Et Decorum Est' the Great War was still in raging. He had been in the front lines and had witnessed the awful sight of men being torn apart by shell fire and seen colleagues maimed in the most horrible ways imaginable by flying shrapnel or crippled by bullets, but despite all this he homed in on the use of gas as the most inhuman weapon of that war.

Red Arrows Experience (DVD)

Red Arrows Experience (DVD) $20.00

Join the world's No. 1 aerobatic display team both on the ground and in the air for a year of thrilling action.

This is the ever first DVD to be made under official licence from the Red Arrows and tells the story of how 'perfection in the air' is achieved. See the 'Reds' in both work and play as they constantly hone their display techniques at the home base RAF Scampton, and in the clear blue skies above Cyprus. Enjoy the excellent footage from inside the cockpits, on the fuselage and from the wing tips!

Pilot's View: Supermarine Spitfire (DVD)

Pilot's View: Supermarine Spitfire (DVD) $20.00

The Supermarine Spitfire remains one of the all time classic fighters and certainly one of the most recognised.

Aviation fans the world over often wonder what it would be like to fly this famous plane. This stunning action video offers you the chance to experience the pilot's perspective. Join aerobatic ace Tony Bianchi in what was once W.W.II ace Ginger Lacey's personal Spitfire Mark Ia as it is put through its paces. Features the Mark Ia, Mark V, Mark XIV, Mark XVI and Mark XIX aircraft.

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