Your IJAA staff is alive, well and busy. So what is so busy?

As we prepare the upcoming Black Sands for publication, when received you will see just a few of the events we have on our plate for the next couple of years. Brad Davis, our Black Sands Publisher and his talented merry band have put together therein a wonderful informative pub for you. Please spread the word on all these activities. The more the word gets out, the more the IJAA Legacy continues.

Our industrious Board of Directors will be meeting with 5th Marine Division Reunion in Urbana, IL this month. Thank You to John Butler and Ray Elliott for the invitation and prep work. They have put together an excellent schedule of events for the reunion. Notable is their outreach to the 4th Marine Division of whom many, we hope, will join our ranks and continue to enjoy camaraderie with IJAA and the 5thMARDIV.

Our fundraising efforts have been varied and non-stop. Thanks to Scott “Bull” Durham, we have had two fundraisers in Cherry Hill New Jersey this year. This month will have seen another one here locally. We live by our donations and the hard work of our volunteers, so keep them cards and letters (with checks enclosed) coming… Meanwhile Noreen Korsak is honcho-ing our IJAA Marine Corp Marathon fundraiser. This is a lady I challenge anyone who would try to keep up! She runs marathons all over the country and still has time to be our IJAA MCO (Marathon Control Officer). The 26.2 Mile run will take place Sunday, 28 October. Yours truly has sworn to start and trudge, walk, crawl to the finish …even if they have taken down the finish line! Once again, thank you to all who are participating, raising funds and those who have sponsored us. It’s never too late to send sponsor one of us!

Checks welcome to our IJAA P.O. Box 680, Quantico, VA 22134 address.

February 2019 74th Anniversary Arlington Symposium planning is well underway. The registration and schedule are on our website ( Shayne Jarosz, once again, is putting together a terrific symposium of events culminating with a wonderful banquet… See you there!

And, right behind that is our 2019 74th Anniversary of the battle for Iwo Jima Trip. We will have a number of Iwo Jima Vets joining us once again, and several have sworn to attend the 75th anniversary trip in 2020. The 2020 planning is underway and will be a big one! Stay tuned!!



LtCol Raul (Art) Sifuentes

USMC (Ret)

Executive Director

Iwo Jima Association