Nov. 2016 IJAA update

November 2016 IJAA Update


To All: The Symposium Registration with raffle sheets went out to all our (and IJAA West) 1800 members last week. Thanks BIG TIME to Shayne and his students for the labor and long hours for the Stuffex. Thanx to Bill for getting all those copies out for us.

Lots of action regarding the Symposium itself. Some deep pockets have been invited as well.

Big Kudos to Mike Kessler for stepping up to inviting some personalities with whom to mix. David Webb Radio host and Fox News contributor, Lee Ermey (Invited), SgtMajor overstreet, Adam Baldwin (actor and possible heir-apparent to Lee Ermey), Ed Fitzgerald (Glock Executive) and possibly Duncan Hunter…

Arnold Shapiro is bringing guests and paying for the Lauriellos and has purchased a banquet table.
Tetsu Uemura has been invited. Author Dustin Spence has been invited, as well.

So we will be working on an agenda and program to handle all the VIPs and guests…

The Website continues as a work in progress. Jerry is doing great as we continually update with events.
We will be growing it to include links to organizations for information and reunions, books, such as General Snowden’s book. I also want other books and book reviews on the website as well as war stories, anecdotes, etc… I have found our members have some very interesting backgrounds.. Jerry is working hard to bring it all together.

Our Marathon team managed to raise around $10,000. We may do it again next year. Emblemax provided our beautiful running shirts.

I am working on designing a new, less “busy” Iwo add on my MAC… Be patient as I am still trying to figure out how to turn on the machine.

We are standing by for a call from Four Seasons for a date to provide a briefing. As I was going through the member roster I noticed we have several folks who live in THE VILLAGES in Florida. I am going to tap them for info on getting our nose in that tent.

We have contacted a number of magazines for ads and reunion noties… more to come on that.

We are getting closer to having a pure membership roster with email address for those who have them. Pam and I will be working this in the near future when we get a bit of breathing room. This should save us in the long run eventually for broadcasting via email when we can and saving postage.